Pioneering the domain name space or  21st century Wild West.   


What's In Our Name?

“Claim clubs, also called actual settlers’ associations or squatters’ clubs, were a nineteenth-century phenomenon in the American West. Usually operating within a confined local jurisdiction (unlike Claim.Club), these pseudo-governmental entities sought to regulate land sales in places where there was little or no legal apparatus to deal with land-related quarrels of any size. Some claim clubs sought to protect squatters, while others defended early land owners. In the twentieth century, sociologists suggested that claim clubs were a pioneer adaptation of democratic bodies on the East coast, including town halls.” - Wikipedia

Claim clubs were essentially designed to “do what politicians refused to do: Make land available to needy settlers.” Their general purpose was to protect the first settlers to arrive on unclaimed lands, particularly in their rights to speculate and cultivate. Speculating and cultivating. That’s what the internet is for after all. More or less Claim.Club (or CC) would like to see domain governance more like that of the old wild West, only funded with Bitcoin. 

In war time "non com" is a short term for non-combatant, but we use the phrase to refer to non dot-com domains, i.e. ccTLDs, new gTLDs, or domain hacks. 

What Do We Claim?

Claim.club seeks to continue the self governing, innovative spirit of the civilian internet by helping individuals and organizations gain access to previously unavailable, expressive, impactful, state-of-the-art domains. Below is a sample of what we offer.















03. SMART domains















“The idea behind the Claim Club is to make previously unclaimed state-of-the-art domain names  available to a select clientele. ”

MAX GUERIN  |  Founder


Max Guerin

owner & founder 

Max is an avid domain name and art collector, he has lived in three different countries and founded two companies in his early 20s. When he is not traveling the world he resides between Leipzig and Athens.

His favorite domain name: OME.GA

His favorite ccTLD: .ET

His favorite new gTLD: .CLUB

His dream domain name: M.AX


David Bryant


David was born in Boston, MA. He studied arts and letters at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH before relocating to Oakland, CA to produce music. He now manages the satellite branch of an awards and print company.

His favorite domain name: TWE.ET

His favorite ccTLD: .US

His favorite new gTLD: .CLUB

His dream domain name: FLOATING.CENTER


Founder Statement

I first had this idea for the Claim Club in 2009 when I was 20 years old, I was looking for a good domain name to start a domain name club and after reading about the 19th century phenomenon of the claim clubs or squatters clubs who were seen as a positive force in the american "wild west" (yet on the internet "cybersquatter" is a bad word) and so I decided to go with "Claim Club". 

Already back then most good dot-com domains were unavailable and ClaimClub.com was no exception so I looked elsewhere or to what I call "undiscovered digital landmarks". At the time I was not aware of the Domai.nr (now Domainr.com) "domain hack" tool which helps users find available domains at so called alternative domain endings however I knew of the little Isle of Man and its .IM ccTLD and happy I was when I found out that Cla.im was available for registration and I did register it for less than £100, a great domain at a good price, I felt like in the '90s. I then went on registering the Facebook URL Facebook.com/ClaimClub and the Twitter handles @Claim and @ClaimClub suffice to say I had a strong online identity but one important thing was missing: I had no niche.

With no good dot-com domains available and little money what did I do? I looked at words similar to Cla.im those little known domains that one of the Xona brothers started calling domain hacks. Rapidly I found hundreds, thousands of those domain names available at registration fee. I had discovered my niche, my El Dorado.

Back in '09 only a few domain hacks were in use like inter.net (registered in 1992) and del.icio.us (later acquired by Yahoo!), hackers loved them, entrepreneurs like Wordpress founder Matt Mullenweg (calling his domain Ma.tt something of a life change) were spending a little fortune to get theirs. Yet domain hacks had a bad reputation in the domain business, most domainers wanted nothing to do with them, therefore there was no market for domain hacks. Little did they know behind my @DomainHacks Twitter handle I was making four, five figure sales a month selling hacks to startups like Camfrog, Wolfram|Alpha, MailChimp, SocialFlow, Answers.com, Square Inc. even to Kim Dotcom who had my domain ME.GA suspended and later ironically purchased K.IM from me for $20,000

Then Instagr.am got started (acquired by Facebook for a billion dollars before moving to the dot-com), .ME was launched, startups were crazy about .LY, .CO was launched, I created my first company Anonymous Media LLC, I launched both RocketName and BrightNames to sell my domains and slowly not-com domains were dethroning the almighty dot-com in the sale charts.

Long story short (which is by the way what makes domain hacks so great: their size) I ended up selling Cla.im to Claimable.com for four figures and forgot about the Claim Club for a while too busy traveling the world while hand registering domain hacks. I had heard of the coming dot-com apocalypse, at first I thought it was a bad idea to launch new extensions, that it would flood the internet with crappy domains, which is exactly what happened in the end but I remember how happy I had been when finding great domains available at affordable prices and thought more internet users should benefit from that. The .CLUB was one of the very first new gTLDs to launch that's when I got the idea back to start a domain claim club. my luck turned again and I hand registered Claim.Club for less than $100. 

Now seven years later my idea has grown and I am (almost) ready to launch the Claim.Club: the first exclusively not-com domain name aftermarket with Bitcoin as main currency.

Welcome to the CLAIM.CLUB.

Max Guerin @DomainHacks

Founder @Claim.Club

Owner @DomainPortfolio.CC